Personal Injury

There is an old saying “If you have your health you have everything.” Unfortunately, victims of careless behavior, such as auto accidents, are often confronted with a multitude of problems.  Not only does the victim have to put up with the inconvenience of the necessity of having their car repaired or, if the car is totaled, acquiring a new vehicle but they are also left with often painful and nagging injuries.

The medical bills are only a part of the difficulty. Many times insurance companies do very little for the suffering and impact an injury has had on an individual’s life and simply want to make some minimal payout and leave the victim to grapple with the effects of the injury. Although undoubtedly there have been instances of malingering by some victims, the reality is that most accident victims are left with painful injuries, discomfort, loss of sleep, anxiety over the uncertainty of financial losses, and often with a certain level of depression in having to deal with the injuries, doctors, therapists, etc.

In handling personal injury cases for twenty plus years we have tried to expedite our client’s claims as much as possible. We have handled numerous cases in all courts in Hampton Roads and can provide a realistic assessment of a case.

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