Medical Malpractice

Client vs. Neurosurgeon

Type of Action –- Medical Malpractice

Type of Injuries – Back and Leg Pain

Name of Case –Client vs. Neurosurgeon

Court/Case No –Richmond Circuit Court, CL99F-2942

Awarded or Settled – Settled Amount- $445,000.00

Attorney for PlaintiffGregory S. Larsen, Chesapeake

Other Useful Information– Client, a 51-year old female nurse, began experiencing a sharp stabbing and shooting pain in her lower back around April of 1996 after lifting a patient. As a result of her injuries, she was unable to stand on her tiptoes or heels, and had immediate reflexes in her left ankle. For approximately one year the Client went through noninvasive therapy, which did nothing to relieve her pain. The doctor diagnosed her with “spinal stenosis” and then performed a cage fusion procedure. The cage failed and the Client was left with debilitating pain. The case was settled in mediation with the McGannon Group.