Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury- Woman Hurt Hip in T-Bone Accident
Plaintiff was a 48-year-old female involved in a high-impact T-bone accident. She suffered a fracture to her right hip where the femoral head was driven through the acetabulum.

Personal injury – Hip fracture
As published in the Verdicts and Settlement section of the August 29, 2016 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Personal injury – Client struck when car backed into her in a parking lot.
The impact fractured the fibula head bone in the client’s left knee and caused significant internal damage.

Personal Injury – Fractured Shoulder
The defendant admitted liability; the trial was for damages only.

Personal Injury – Burns to Arms and Face
At the time the incident occurred, the plaintiff was working as a journeyman electrician.

Personal Injury – Personal injury and fraud
In the Chesapeake circuit-court case, the plaintiff received soft-tissue injuries to the neck and back resulting from an automobile accident in which the defendant had pulled out in front of the plaintiff.

Wrongful Death – Client vs. Wrecker Company
This was the culmination of three lawsuits. The first being against the wrecker company that came to the aid of the decedent after her car broke down.

Failure to disclose fuse box not grounds for denying claim
Rockingham filed declaratory judgment action to avoid coverage on the basis of alleged material misrepresentations in the application for insurance.

Gregory Larsen Defends the Little Guy, Tackles Corporate Bullies
After a six-date jury trial in Norfolk Circuit Court in which Greg presented the testimony of a structural engineer and of a woman who had been injured on crutches by the same manufacturer, the jury ruled in favor of the injured man and awarded the damage requested.

Nationwide Settles Case Alleging Fraud Payment includes $50K in punitive damages
Nationwide Insurance Co. of America has paid $50,000 in punitive damages after a federal magistrate judge allowed a fraud action to proceed against the insurer for the way it handled a Chesapeake woman’s underinsured motorist claim.

General Ligitation

Man Took Business Partner’s Life Insurance Proceeds (Aug 24)
Two business owners had purchased life insurance through their corporation to provide funds for stock redemption in the event of death of a partner, as well as life insurance for estate.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice – Client vs. Neurosurgeon
Client, a 51-year old female nurse, began experiencing a sharp stabbing and shooting pain in her lower back around April of 1996 after lifting a patient.

Medical Malpractice – Client vs. Pathologist
Client’s doctor breached the appropriate standard of care when he failed to diagnose a malignant melanoma in 1996.

Medical Malpractice – Client vs. Surgeon & Hospital
The defendant doctor conducted a breast-reconstruction procedure on the plaintiff in 1990 immediately after a radical mastectomy.

Medical Malpractice – Client v. Neurologist
Neurologist ordered an MRI because of complaint of jaw pain but then failed to properly read the MRI and diagnose tumor.

Medical Malpractice – Client v. Cardiologist
In this case we alleged that the cardiologist had failed to report all findings of stress test and the patient later suffered a heart attack and died.

Medical Malpractice – Client v. Orthopedist
This case resulted in a jury trial in the Portsmouth Circuit Court against an orthopedist who had misdiagnosed our client who suffered a hip infection.

Medical Malpractice – Federal Tort Claims Act
Federal Tort Claims Act case against the Hampton VA because a podiatrist operated on the wrong toe.

Wrongful Death – Client vs. Cardiologist
On or about October 24, 1994, The Client went to the emergency room complaining of a sore throat. She was diagnosed as having pharyngitis, given several prescriptions and released.

Liability and Consumer Ligitation Cases

Consumer Litigation
Defendant sold plaintiff a used car with a valid Virginia title. However, the State of Florida had previously deemed the vehicle “non-repairable.

Products Liability – Defective Crutches
Plaintiff had a 37-year-old knee injury and was on crutches after having a tibial osteotomy & manipulation on his knee.

Premises Liability – Fractured left ankle-permanent loss of motion
Plaintiff was a business invitee at defendant’s rental property where second-story deck collapsed when plaintiff stepped out onto it.

Trust & Estate Ligitation

Trustee Sued for Violation of Duties of Care
Plaintiffs alleged that defendant, who sewed as the trustee for several family trusts, had violated his duty of care and loyalty. Plaintiffs sought damages for his misfeasance/negligence while serving as the trustee. Defendants have noted an appeal and ALPS is contesting coverage.