Wrongful Death

Client vs. Emergency Medicine Physician

Type of Injuries – Death

Awarded or Settled – Settled

Attorney for Plaintiff – Gregory S. Larsen, Chesapeake

Other Useful Information: On or about October 24, 1994, The Client went to the emergency room complaining of a sore throat. She was diagnosed as having pharyngitis, given several prescriptions and released. She then returned to the emergency room shortly thereafter complaining of spitting phlegm and having trouble breathing. She was diagnosed as having epiglottitis and an unsuccessful nasotracheal intubation was performed.

She was then transferred to the operating room and two more unsuccessful nasotracheal intubations were performed. As a result of an inadequate airway, the Client developed cardiorespiratory arrest. Suit was brought against the nurse anesthesiologist and the ER Physician. Both defendants settled, the ER physician settled after the jury was impaneled.