Personal Injury- Woman Hurt Hip in T-Bone Accident

Woman hurt hip in T-bone accident — $125,000 Settlement

Virginia Lawyers Weekly August 29, 2016

Plaintiff was a 48-year-old female involved in a high-impact T-bone accident. She suffered a fracture to her right hip where the femoral head was driven through the acetabulum. Hip surgery was successful and without complications; however, plaintiff had significant post-surgery therapy and still required a cane to walk on occasions. Plaintiff was unemployed and her post-op care was limited due to lack of insurance. Medi Visuals from Richmond provided valuable renderings of the fracture and surgical hardware for the mediation. Experts opined that she would need a hip replacement sometime in her lifetime.

Type of action: – Motor vehicle accident

Injuries alleged: – Comminuted right acetabular fracture with posterior hip dislocation.

Court: Chesapeake Circuit Court

Name of mediator: Hon. Michael C. Allen (Ret.)

Date resolved: Jan. 30, 2016

Special Damages: : $149,000.00 plus future hip replacement in lifetime; future medicals of $40,000.00 to $70,000.00.

Demand: $900,000.00 (pre-mediation)

Offer: $210,000.00 (pre-mediation)

Verdict or settlement: Settlement

Amount: $725,000.00

Attorney for Plaintiff: Gregory S. Larsen and Steve C. Taylor, Chesapeake

Plaintiff’s experts: Dr. Michael Romash (orthopedic), Dr. Wilfred Gibson (orthopedic)

Insurance carrier: Goodville Mutual and Travelers